Affinity Programs Policy

The purpose of an affinity program is to generate non-dues revenue for MassAFP.  Non-dues revenue programs are generally in the form of affinity programs.  These programs generally return a portion of sales of a service or product to the Academy.  The product or service purchased by the member is generally at a lower rate than the member can purchase the product on his/her own.  By offering an affinity program, the MassAFP acknowledges that revenue for the Academy is generated by such sales.  The MassAFP also discloses that the MassAFP has a non-dues revenue generation relationship only with the affinity program.  The MassAFP also does not endorse any of the product or services available as affinity programs.

Affinity programs that offer Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians (MassAFP) members options in benefits will be supported through web-based and membership advertising after board approval.  MassAFP will disclose any financial relationships with Affinity Programs on the MassAFP website.

Approved by Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians Board - December 13, 2014

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