Are you interested in influencing the policy process and improving Family Medicine in Massachusetts? By participating in the MassAFP Key Contact program, you can help the Academy make its mark on legislation considered and passed by the State Legislature.

Become A Key Contact

The MassAFP Key Contact Program is a strategic grassroots advocacy program designed to help the MassAFP build strong, on-going relationships with legislators across the Commonwealth. The program allows the MassAFP to identify family physician members who personally know their legislators and help develop those relationships to increase the Academy's influence in the legislative process.

The Key Contact program also provides the MassAFP with a list of physician members who are knowledgeable in specific issue areas and are willing to meet with elected officials or testify at legislative committee hearings.

MassAFP Key Contacts need to be committed advocates who are willing and available to participate as leaders in the MassAFP's advocacy program. Typically, a Key Contact is someone who:

  • Has an established relationship with a state legislator (or wants to establish a relationship);
  • Has a comfort level engaging in intense advocacy activities; and/or
  • Has a understanding of the legislative process and how it can impact health care policy

For further information on the Program or to become a Key Contact, please complete this online form. You may also download the form here and return it to Jordan when complete.

Your influence is needed! Get informed and get involved using Speak Out, a grassroots advocacy tool that helps you contact your Legislator on important issues relating to Family Medicine. Speak Out provides you with talking points, personalized message templates, legislative alerts and updates, information on current legislation and tools to help you find your local officials. 


AAFP Speak Out Tool

Save the Date!

 Advocacy Day 2019
Thursday, April 11, 2019

2018 Family Medicine Advocacy Day was held April 12th at Union Club.


The exciting afternoon was started by gathering together at the Union Club before heading to the State House. We heard MassAFP's government relations team from Rasky Partners provide an overview of the afternoon's activities, insight into pressing legislative issues and bills to address with legislators that day, and share helpful advocacy tips.

The preparation time also included an orientation with guidance on how to focus talking points on current issues, the use of personal anecdotes, and how to convey personal medical expertise. MassAFP members then departed for the State House visits - all meetings were be scheduled for the attendees.

Your influence is needed! The Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians encourages you to get informed and involved by calling, writing or emailing your Legislator on important issues relating to Family Medicine.

With the ever changing political landscape, we understand it can be difficult to keep informed on who your legislator is. Fortunately, Massachusetts has a quick and easy resource to help you locate your legislator.  

Find a Legislator Search Tool