Board of Directors Self-Assessment Policy and Process

The intent of this self-assessment is to determine how effective the current board processes are and to discover how individual members and the board, as a whole, can be most effective in supporting the organization.

The board self-assessment policy and process is intended to help board members:

  • Reflect on their experience.
  • Explore the level to which board members feel their participation is comfortable, enjoyable, and meaningful.
  • Understand individual expectations for preparation time, meeting conduct, and decision making.
  • Identify different perceptions and opinions among board members about the board’s role.
  • Identify and remove obstacles to increased board effectiveness.

The assessment, while brief, points to issues that require board discussion and clarification. All responses will be compiled together, but not attributed to specific individuals. Only board members and staff will see the compiled results.

Date policy approved by: 01/02/2017

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