The mission of the Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians is to assist its members in providing compassionate, high quality healthcare to the people of Massachusetts.

Who We Are

The Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians (MassAFP) is a statewide professional association comprised of more than 1,000 Massachusetts’ active physicians who specialize in the practice of family medicine. Total membership includes more than 2,000 family physicians, family medicine residents and medical students.

MassAFP members serve residents of the Commonwealth across the state in a wide-range of practice settings. You will find family physicians in many community health centers. You will also find family physicians in individual offices, hospitals and in medical schools and residency programs serving as academic faculty.

Founded in 1948, the Academy is governed by policies and principles established by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors meets three times a year.

The MassAFP is active legislatively on behalf of their members and their member’s patients. Because family physicians in Massachusetts believe all residents of the Commonwealth should have easy access to receiving compassionate, high quality health care the Academy closely monitors legislation that affects the access to and quality of patient health care.

The vision of the Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians is to provide responsible advocacy, representation and leadership for our members and to promote the specialty of family medicine through public awareness and patient education.

Purposes in support of the mission and vision are:

  • To provide responsible advocacy for and education of patients and the public in all health-related matters;

  • To preserve and promote quality cost-effective health care;

  • To preserve the right of free choice of physician to patients;

  • To promote the science and art of family medicine and to ensure an optimal supply of well-trained family physicians;

  • To promote and maintain high standards among physicians who practice family medicine;

  • To preserve the right of family physicians to engage in medical and surgical procedures for which they are qualified by training and experience;

  • To stimulate interest, encourage and assist residents and medical students in preparing, qualifying and establishing themselves in family medicine;

  • To assist in providing postgraduate study courses for family physicians and to encourage and assist practicing physicians and surgeons in such training; and

  • To maintain and provide an organization with high standards to fulfill the above purposes and to represent the needs of its members.