KAFP Virtual CME Session

Tuesday, December 1 @ 7-9pm

KAFP is pleased to provide multiple, two-hour sessions of top-quality CME! All sessions are virtual, allowing participants to enjoy these exclusive educational offerings from their office or home through Zoom.

To participate, you’ll need a computer, internet access, audio and be ready to learn and participate. Once registered, you will receive a link to join the webinar via email.

They’ve curated some of the most diverse topics and highest quality speakers to provide you hours of education and meet you where you are – no travel required.

Here are this Tuesday's topics:

  • Immunizations: Keeping Up To Date and Countering the Anti-Vaxxers
    Belinda Vail, MD, FAAFP
    Learning Objectives:
    • Recall the ACIP recommended vaccines for children, adolescents, and adults
    • Discuss the schedule for individuals who are under-vaccinated
    • Know the contraindications and precautions for the major vaccines
    • Develop a plan for countering objections to vaccinations

  • Treating Obesity with Medications in a Primary Care Practice
    Margaret Smith, MD, MHSA, FAAFP
    Learning Objectives:
    • Describe the most commonly prescribed weight loss medications
    • Understand the indications for prescribing weight loss medications
    • Discuss the contraindications for prescribing specific weigh loss medications

  • 10 Things I Learned This Year
    Belinda Vail, MD, FAAFP
    Learning Objectives:
    • Review and analyze evolving and new concepts that have arisen over the past year that may affect clinical practice
    • Determine how evidence-based medicine can be employed to make clinical decisions and to relay that information to patients

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