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Massachusetts AFP – Student/Resident Activities

The Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians provides these activities for students and residents throughout the state:

4 Medical Schools and 6 Residency Programs

  • MassAFP Board of Directors – Massachusetts has one resident director and alternate on the Board identified through a nomination process and selected by the MassAFP Nominating committee. There is also one student director and alternate on the Board. Both student and resident director candidates are elected by vote at the Annual Membership meeting. Resident and student directors shall serve a term of one-year each but shall be eligible for re-election.
  • MassAFP Committees and Workgroups – Resident and student members are welcome on all committees and workgroups. Opportunities to participate are advertised throughout the year.
  • Leadership roles at National Conference – MassAFP recruit’s resident and student delegate and alternate delegate positions each year for the AAFP National Conference. MassAFP also works with residency program and medical school faculty to help encourage residents and students to apply for MassAFP Foundation scholarships to attend National Conference. MassAFP Foundation provided 7 scholarships to student members to attend National Conference.
  • Interest Groups – MassAFP supports annual FMIG recruitment efforts held at each of the four MA medical schools and assists FMIG leaders in finding presenters for their meetings/programs. This year several FMIGs shared impressive work and applied for the 2022 AAFP Program of Excellence (PoE) Award.
  • Advocacy Day – Students and Residents were invited and encouraged to participate in an annual advocacy day. They received training about what to expect and how to conduct themselves at visits with their legislators and briefed on current key issues by MassAFP’s advocacy leadership and team of lobbyists. Key advocacy issues include Affordability of Employer Coverage for Family Members of Employees, Improving pesticide protections for Massachusetts schoolchildren, Addressing barriers to care for Mental Health, Coverage and reimbursement for postpartum depression screening and telehealth services, safe access to the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare services.
  • Annual Meeting/Spring Refresher – The MassAFP Annual Meeting & Spring Refresher includes a two-day meeting. Students and residents are welcome and encouraged to attend general sessions and network with Family Physicians. MassAFP provided an opportunity for residents to present posters during the meeting.


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