Strategic Plan

The mission of the Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians is to assist its members in providing compassionate, high quality healthcare to the people of Massachusetts.The vision of the Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians is to provide responsible advocacy, representation and leadership for our members and to promote the specialty of family medicine through public awareness and patient education.

MassAFP 2017-2019 Strategic Plan - Areas of Focus

Member Value = Engagement

Approved by the Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians Board on 3/22/2018

Promote Family Medicine Advocacy

Goal:  Increase the influence and presence of MassAFP in the legislative process.

  1. Create pathways to participation in the advocacy process through lobbying, testimony and PAC participation.
  2. Priority areas to monitor and influence include: workforce, payment reform, scope of practice, opioid abuse, administrative burden, regulatory issues and licensure issues (access), residency program funding.
  3. Develop and support direct advocacy: lobbying, testimony, PAC participation, Advocacy day, patient advocacy workgroup.
  4. Develop indirect advocacy strategies through coalitions and joint sponsorships. Establish a means for members to make suggestions.
  5. Utilize the MassAFP website and other communication tools to promote policy initiatives, position statements and member engagement. Continue the development of the key contact program.
  6. Engage students and residents in the advocacy process.
  7. Increase PAC donations and utilization of funds with specific participation goals. (100% board participation)

Promote resiliency in the Family Medicine Workforce

Goal:  Identify and communicate member value.

  1. Assist members in achieving: personal growth, joy in medicine, balance/reflection.
  2. Provide opportunities for members to influence physician wellbeing. (Wellbeing webinars)
  3. Continue to provide support for MoC (KSA sessions) and MoL.
  4. Identify, implement strategies to engage FM residents and medical students (i.e. post opportunities, advertising, loan repayment resources, etc.)
  5. Identify outcomes to measure the value of membership (i.e. increase membership, increase survey participation etc.)

Promote Practice Transformation and Value Based Payment Reform

Goal:  Create a top down and bottom up strategy for value-based care implementation.

  1.  Continue the work of the payment reform task force to help members achieve and maintain practice transformation and promote/advocate for payment reform.
    1. Investigate the RI approach to VBC.
    2. Collaborate with Leg. Cmte.
  2. Support members in achieving practice transformation.
  3. Identify ways health care reform would be effective in promoting further practice transformation.
  4. Make available resources and education to help members maintain financial stability, improve practice effectiveness, reduce burnout, improve patient and physician satisfaction.
  5. Coordinate payment reform efforts with AAFP (i.e. MACRA)
  6. Identify and promote the use of appropriate quality measures. (i.e. 80% of payment related to quality measures)

Nurture and Develop Family Physician Leadership

Goal 1:  Empower members to be more engaged and active in their practices, systems, community and academy.

  1. Identify and promote what leadership means to MassAFP members.
  2. Provide education based on member needs in the areas of: Media Training, Contract Negotiations and General
  3. Leadership (community and practice).
  4. Provide leadership resources to members (website, newsletters, podcasts). Promote ACLF, NCCL, Ten State, etc.
  5. Create and maintain a MassAFP leadership succession plan.
  6. Identify mentors for emerging leaders.

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