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March 2021

COVID-19 now included in the Immunization Division's

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  • Talking with Patients about Vaccines
  • A convenient downloadable one-pager of vaccine resources, to help providers talk to patients about vaccines.

Features include:

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  • Vaccine Conversations - Vaccine Safety - COVID-19 Vaccines
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February 2021

You can trust that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe. Learn more about vaccine safety, how it was developed, and how it works by clicking the link below:

MassAFP is working in collaboration with MDPH with efforts to increase trust and confidence in COVID-19 vaccine in the Commonwealth. There are resources and ways to provide clear, accurate, consistent information about the vaccine, build trust and vaccine confidence, and dispel vaccine misinformation. Family Physicians are a trusted source of information to the public, so please consider helping increase vaccination in our communities.

Below is a toolkit of educational and outreach materials, an invitation to a webinar to describe how to access and use these materials, and scripts for a “selfie” video project. We hope you will accept this invitation to help increase vaccination in our communities. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Toolkit of materials

Please visit Stop COVID-19 – Vaccine education and outreach materials | for a toolkit of materials in multiple languages that community-based organizations can use to conduct outreach/education with the people and communities that they serve. Examples of materials include:

·     A guide to hosting a forum on COVID-19 vaccine

·     Vaccine need-to-know fliers and posters

·     Fliers about the distribution timeline 

·     Post-vaccine information for Pfizer and Modern

·     Social media graphics

Check back often – materials will continue to be added and updated. 

“Selfie” videos

Please use the sample script and suggested talking points (below this message) to record a short (30 second – 1 minute) video for sharing.

·     Use your phone camera with a plain background. 

·     Encourage others to get the vaccine when it is their turn

·     Once recorded, share on your social media or with your networks. 

·     Feel free to send it to for sharing as well

Thank you again for your assistance. If you have questions, please contact or

Vaccine Messaging for Videos – as of February 4, 2021

·     The COVID vaccine is a critical tool to protect yourself and to end the pandemic. 

·     But you might have questions about its safety.

·     The same safety measures used for all vaccines were followed for the COVID vaccine.

·     Tens of thousands participated in vaccine trials to prove it’s safe. 

·     Since then, millions of people of different races and ethnicities have gotten vaccinated and only experienced mild side effects.

·     I got the shot/will get the shot. When it’s your turn, I hope you get the COVID shot also to protect yourself and your loved ones.

·     You can learn more at

Additional messages from website:

·     The available COVID-19 vaccines are approved and recommended by the FDA and the CDC following standard testing and approval processes.

·     By prioritizing resources and efforts, the vaccines were developed quickly but never at the expense of safety.

·     The COVID-19 vaccine is being administered free of charge by the federal government. You will not be charged. If you do not have insurance, you are still eligible to receive the vaccine free of charge. 

·     To learn when it is your turn to get the vaccine, you may be contacted by your employer, place of residence, or primary care practice. You can also check for updates or any action you might need to take. 

·      Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is our best chance to stop the pandemic.

·      In the meantime, the combination of getting vaccinated, wearing a mask, social distancing, and avoiding groups will offer you the best protection.

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