Family Medicine Advocacy Day

We look forward to seeing you again in 2020!

Location: The Union Club, 8 Park St, Boston, MA 02108

 This exciting afternoon will start at 12:30pm by gathering together at the Union Club before heading to the State House. We will hear from MassAFP leaders and our government relations team from Rasky Partners to provide an overview of the afternoon's activities, insight into pressing legislative issues and bills to address with legislators that day, and share helpful advocacy tips.

The preparation time will also include an orientation with guidance on how to focus talking points on current issues, the use of personal anecdotes and how to convey personal medical expertise. We'll then head over to the State House visits - all meetings will be scheduled for the attendees.

For members and guests in the clubhouse, contemporary “business casual” (shirt with collar, dress slacks or denim in good condition, and non-athletic shoes for men, and equivalent attire for women) is considered minimally acceptable attire, although many male members and guests will continue to appear in jacket and tie.  Athletic clothes, shorts, and sneakers are not considered appropriate attire, but may be worn while in transit to or from overnight rooms.

The use of mobile telephones is permitted in the Members Study, the 1st floor phone booths near that study, or within a member’s privately-arranged dining room.  Mobile telephones cannot be used in any of the public rooms, common areas of the clubhouse including hallways, or in any area where others may hear or observe the conversation.  The staff will gladly direct those who need to make or receive a call to an appropriate location within the clubhouse.

The silent use of mobile telephones or tablets as readers, calendars, or email devices is acceptable, provided it is not disruptive to others.


12:30pm - Arrival, Registration and Light Lunch

12:45pm - Program Starts
- Introduction & Overview
- Representative Bill Driscoll (will arrive at 12:45pm)
- MA Policy Briefing
- Advocacy briefing
- Legislation Remarks
- Q & A

1:45 - Small Group Breakout
- Review Policy Materials
- Distribute Afternoon Meeting Schedule

1:55pm - Leave for State House Visits

2:00pm - First Meeting

2:30pm - Second Meeting



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