Family Medicine Advocacy Day

Advocacy Day 2019 Thursday, April 11, 2019

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MassAFP members will convene for meetings and presentations where they will receive an overview of the days events, be briefed on pressing issues to address with the legislation that day, and gain some advocacy tips. This period will orient participants in the basics of lobbying, with insights on how to focus their talking points on an issue, use personal anecdotes, and convey their medical expertise. Members will then depart for the State House for their visits. There will be a daily wrap-up/debrief following legislative appointments.

2018 Family Medicine Advocacy Day was held April 12th at Union Club.


The exciting afternoon was started by gathering together at the Union Club before heading to the State House. We heard MassAFP's government relations team from Rasky Partners provide an overview of the afternoon's activities, insight into pressing legislative issues and bills to address with legislators that day, and share helpful advocacy tips.The preparation time also included an orientation with guidance on how to focus talking points on current issues, the use of personal anecdotes, and how to convey personal medical expertise. MassAFP members then departed for the State House visits - all meetings were be scheduled for the attendees.

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