January, 2018

Flora Sadri, DO

Happy New Year!

I’ve had the distinct pleasure and honor to address you, my family physician colleagues, once a month this past year in this newsletter with topics ranging from medicine to politics and issues in-between. This message however, will be dedicated to one of my most cherished holidays of all times, Christmas followed by the New Year. By the time this article is published the holiday season will be behind us, yet I am hoping that the spirit and the magic of the holidays will be with us for a bit longer as we begin another year.

As we move forward and grow older, we become wiser and more experienced; tend to have a different focus and values in life and consequently, we find more joy and heartfelt feelings of happiness from our intangible assets that we build subconsciously. We start measuring our accomplishments in relationships we maintain, lives we touch, and people we heal. In the midst of all this, we strive to become more passionate physicians, responsible and affectionate parents, and supportive and sincere friends. We endeavor to become more worthy of peoples’ trust.

Most recently, I was touched by a genuine gesture of one of my patient’s. He is a very sweet older gentleman who has very little in worldly possessions. At his age, he still works tirelessly at a construction site to support his grandchildren. On his last visit this year to my office, he brought three envelopes each containing two-two dollar lottery tickets. The envelopes had seen better days as they were tarnished and wrinkled - evidenced of them having been used previously. He gave the first two envelopes to the front office staff and one to me. I knew that the three envelopes represented a significant portion of his grocery bill that week. I began to thank him while searching for the right words in order to refuse his gift so that he could keep it and buy more groceries for his grandchildren but I knew I would offend him if I did. I graciously accepted it with teary eyes, as I knew what it meant for him to part with that money. He was so proud to be able to convey his appreciation and express his gratitude, his way. These are priceless and uplifting moments that reaffirm our beliefs and strengthen our resolve to continue despite all obstacles thrown in our paths. I am a strong believer that the magic of the holidays, the kindness and the civility that is mostly apparent during the month of December is around us all year round. It becomes secondary and fades out most of the time when we are trying to balance our jobs within our chaotic lives. The holiday season is a simple reminder of all that is important to us, to help us renew our commitments and to provide us with the serenity and tranquility to reflect on the current year and revitalize our new year’s resolutions.

I hope you all had a safe and serene holiday season and would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year.


Flora Sadri, DO